Welcome Technology Into Your Retail Store

Manage inventory, connect with customers and fulfill orders, all from your Smartphone

Track Orders on Phone

All orders are digitally integrated into the app so you keep track of all your orders from our Mobile App and say bye to paper Account books.

Manage Inventory

Add unlimited products into your inventory by either selecting from the Nexhop catalogue or adding your own products on the go.

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Send notifications to customers

Interact with customers through notifications and advertise to thousands of mobile phones via our Notification features

Get detailed insights

Access the Desktop Admin site to get real-time insights and data analytics for your stores sales, finishing inventory info and much more.

Move your shop to your Phone

Stores are moving to a new address - Your Smartphone. The new age customer is always connected and so should be you. Move to Nexhop Retailer app and experience Digital sale like never before!

Sell Directly to Customers

Use our Mobile and Web Platform to directly sell to customers without worryig about creating your own IT infrastructure. We provide you with every tool to advertise your store digitally

Infinite Inventory

We have an unlimited catalogue of products to chose from. If your store has the item you wish to sale then we have it catalogued for you.

Check Orders status on Phone

Out of your store and need to check a customers Order Status? NO PROBLEM. We have you covered. If the order is processed via Nexhop Retailer then the order status is available in the App.

Receive payments seamlessly

The Nexhop Retailer App allows Stores to receive payments from In-Store customers while using the app to create a digital order and receive payments instantly.

Stay connected with your Customers

Just because you are a store doesn't mean you cant connect with your customers online. With our notifications features you are always close to your loyal customers

Stay fresh and always updated

Our unique intelligent system keeps you informed about the latest customer searches so that you can make instant offers or add products as the demand increases. Welcome to the world of Flash Sales!

How It Works

Register your Store with Nexhop and download the Nexhop Retailer App from Play store. Once you get your User ID and password then you can login to your online store via the app and website. Upload products from the Nexhop catalogue or use the App to upload your custom products exclusively into your inventory.

Register with our Marketing Team

Connect with our Marketing team by either dropping a mail to stores@nexhop.com or giving a call to +91-914839-5995. Our experts will guide you through the process

Add In Store Products

Store Managers can seamlessly add their own inventory into their online stores and drive their online sales with the App

How long to register

Registration is fairly simple and our experts connect with you and create your User ID and password. Once the registration is done then you can login to your store via the app or Website and start adding your products to your online inventory

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How to Add Products

Simply select the products from the Nexhop catalogue or add products by just taking a pic and entering the pricing details.

Add Brand new products

If you have an exclusive product that you want to sell online then just select the + button or choose the category and add the specific product.

Change Prices instantly and offer Flash sales

Take complete control of your SALE and OFFERS by changing the item prices as you wish! No more waiting for any approval from an Admin. Also we support you promote the discounts to your loyal customers.

All your orders go where your Smartphone goes

With Nexhop you dont need to worry about order tracking or fulfillment. We makes your store truly mobile and now you can see and complete any order that comes via online channels instantly.

Orders organized orderly

We keep your orders neatly organized into "New", "Processing" and "Completed" so that you know what has happened to each of them.

Customer Details available instantly

Every customer detail including Phone number, Product Serial number and other order details are available for instant access. Never lose track of any order or your customer when Nexhop is with you!

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Feature Image

Add and Edit products to your Online Inventory

Gone are the days when store inventories are not available for lookup by the online customers. With Nexhop's Retailer App, upload products to your Store's inventory by taking a pic of the image in few easy steps.

Change prices and offer instant discounts

Our intelligent software systems provide you kowledge about the customer demands and you can update your inventory instantly to suite customer needs.

Get notified when new items are being searched

Our Inventory tracking system lets you know about any finishing inventory. Also if an item is popular in your neighbourhood and you dont have it in your inventory then we notify you so that you can act quickly and make instant sales.

Sneak Peak into Retailer App

Simple to use and a visual experience like no other app in the market. The Nexhop Retailer App is highly customized for fast and easy access of Shop Owners and it works with any internet speed.

Our Retail Store Partners

We are expanding at a blazing speed. Our store partners range from single store owners to multi store chains across all of South India. Here are a few of our valued Store partners and the list is expanding by the hour.

What Store Owners say

Hear it from our Store Partners on how we are bringing in the trust back to Retail stores by increasing their online presence.

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We know you have a few questions by now. Here are the ones which we get very often. Read on to see if we can clear a few of your question.

How do I connect with my customers using the Nexhop App ?

Once you login to Retailer app and have your inventory setup done by adding products into your online store then it becomes live on our Consumer App and Mobile Web.

When the new customer walks into the Store then you can advertise the app to the customers and inform them about your online presence

We also promote your Store via Notifications and promotions on social networks

You are connected to the Customers as they automatically hop on to your store when they make a purchase from your store through Nexhop

How will I know which product is popular in my neighbourhood ?

Our intelligent Software system continously monitors online activites of customers in our App and notifies our Cental processing systems.

As soon as the customer looks for the products that is sold by your store then we notify you about the search

We inform you via Notifications and when you offer a discount then we let the customer know about the deal and help them make a purchase

Also the notifications are sent to customers who have clicked HOP on the button of the app

How important is managing an accurate inventory and price list ?

We take these two things very seriously as they will impact the customer's shopping experience.

Your shop will be rated as per accuracy of these factors so that we can assure quality service to the customers.

Please ensure that your inventory and price list is up to date.

How long will it take to make my store live on Nexhop ?

Registeration and opening a store account is quick and can be done in a few minutes.

Store owners are requrested to read and agree to our Terms and conditions prior to coming onboard.

We proivde 24/7 support to address any issues regarding your online store and you can write to us at stores@nexhop.com.

Please contact our Customer service Desk at +91-914839 5995 to get more details.

Our Offices

We are an innovative new tech company working on digital innovation for Retail stores. Our focus is on Brick and Mortar shops to provide them with a platform for setting their digital footprint and it has taken us to India where we are innovating cool and disruptive technologies for India specific issues from our offices in Toronto, Canada and Bangalore, India

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Technology & Strategy Office

Our Strategy solutions team is located at the heart of Toronto city in Canada where we conceptualize and develop technologies using the latest software and tools available for enterprise application building. Our co-working space is located at:
200 Balliol St,
Toronto, Ontario,
PIN: M4S1C6, Canada

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Development & Marketing Research Office

The development and marketing research office in Bangalore is at the core of our coding, marketing and consultation activities with our clients who are all retail stores in Bangalore. We are located at:
#206, 2nd Floor, Sri Ram Arcade,
Above Axis Bank, Seegehalli,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560067

Register your store and get in-store and online promotions absolutely free.